Monday, 17 June 2013

Growth in Zentangle (R) Inspired Art (Part Two): A New FB Group Adventure

In my last blog posting, I talked about the idea that expanding our tangle "vocabulary", the number of tangles we know, expands our creativity, by giving our imaginations more possibilities. If we have a piece in mind, we have more to draw from, to express it. We can also let our minds wander over the tangles we know, for inspiration on a new piece. Our range is wider, and our confidence grows, in the fact that more and more, we can combine and manipulate tangles to bring our ideas to life. 

I talked about how I was beginning a journey myself, in which I would take a few new tangles a week, and practice them, and then produce a tile using some or all, and any of the newer tangles I wished to use. I would draw patterns from, and from the blogs of artists who publish their own tangles. 

As a background to what I'm about to say, you might want to read Part One of  this post,

For the past few weeks, I have been doing sort of a private challenge. The first week, it was between Ninna Hellman and I, and the second week, Robin Jayne Buys joined in. Ninna set the challenge.

It was a doozy! The five  tangles were so diverse,  and some so difficult, that I despaired of ever pulling them together. The string she chose seemed the most difficult possible, for the patterns. At one point I actually wrote her and told her I couldn't continue. I was completely stressed out. Then I talked with Robin about it, and she had that "happily challenged" attitude and turned out a tile in about 20 minutes. So... I tried to take the same attitude and have another go. Inspiration struck, and this was the result.

I learned 3 tangles I will definitely use again, and a big lesson in persistence, and how to view a challenge that seems insurmountable. Pretty good life lessons too! I was really happy with this ZIA.

Now to the point of this post...

Robin Buys and I will be opening a group on Facebook, called Imagination Station. It is aimed at everyone who wants to expand their "tangle vocabulary". Beginners are as welcome as are those of us who are seasoned, and everyone in between. Often even the most experienced of Zentangle influenced artists fall back on the same favorite tangles, time after time!

Since I was on this journey anyway, I thought I would make it more fun, and invite you to join us along the way. We plan to name about 3 tangles for the week, point you to their source for step outs, and then, if you wish, at the end of the week, you can post your creation using at least 2 of the tangles from that week, and any others that make you happy!

You are free to post any work you have done, with the sole requirement being that you name the tangles and tangellations you used.

This is not boot camp. Take from it what you will. There will be no expectations of participating every week, or posting your pieces.. although that would be wonderful. Robin and I will choose the tangles, each week in the beginning... and as we go on, we will ask others to pick the tangles. That way, there should be lots of variety. The tangles will range from the most basic, to the more complex. Even the most complex can be drawn by anyone, with enough practice.

So, come on over to Facebook and find us, at . Join in the fun!


  1. Fantastic idea!!!!! Hope to participate!!!

    1. That's great, FKC. Hope to see you on FB!