Thursday, 31 January 2013

Glimmer Sprays and Tiny Easels

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, I received my first order from (I have no affiliation). I got 4 colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist Sprays in Sapphire, Turquoise, Cranberry and Very Purple. These are alcohol-free, water-based, non toxic inks, and I've wanted to experiment with making colored backgrounds with them, for future Zia's.

So, here's how it went. This first image shows the spray on dry paper, on the left, and on wet paper on the second, on the right. In the second case, I also dabbed up the worst of the dark blotches. I like what I ended up with.

The right side is very pretty... hopefully you can see it better in this shot:

In the third experiment, I used all four inks, on a piece of paper I had misted with water, and allowed to stand a few minutes. I dabbed any pooled or blotched color.

These are all fairly large pieces of paper, and I'm pressing them flat until they dry. I will cut pieces out as I want them. I can hardly wait to see how they look behind a zentangle.

We also found some darling little black easels at Michaels. They hold 3.5" tiles, 4.5" Apprentice Tiles, and the 4 inch Zendala tiles beautifully. They come in a four-pack. We found them on sale for under $5.00.

I love to share my discoveries, and experiments. Although they don't turn out perfectly by any means, I learn something new every time. I hope my blundering around might help you decide to try something new, as well.

I have to laugh at the new toilet paper commercial with bears who "enjoy the go". It always reminds me of enjoying the Zentangle journey as much as, or more than the actual product.

Thanks for your comments. I always learn from and enjoy them.

Til next time, happy tangling!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Paradox Playtime

I tried an experiment last night, that turned out to be lots of fun. When I'm learning new tangles, I love to play with them... size, shape, what happens if you draw it in different direction... which does not apply to all, but certainly applies to this. This was my experiment with Paradox, which I am madly in love with, last night. This is a 4 inch tile. No rulers allowed. .05 Pigma Micron and 3B sketching pencil for shading. I wish I had taken a picture of the string. I tried to re-create it to show you, and I couldn't. The shapes were all triangular, so the fun was figuring out how to draw the next one to flow into the next. As you will see, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't! It's a great way to "get to know" a pattern. I took this with my camera, since the effect was totally lost in the scan.

I love monotangles anyway, but as a monotangle, Paradox truly rocks. I was spellbound as it appeared line by line on the tile. Try it sometime. What a great way to lose an hour or two or...

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Sub-Conscious Knows... and Zentangle Shows

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Zentangle has been a huge help to me during an incredibly stressful time, over the past couple of months. 

We did the "jumping every time the phone rang" thing, as we waited for Mom's cancer surgery to be scheduled, then supported her through surgery, her stay in hospital. I'm now trying to be as much help as I can be. They are an hour and a half away.

I work full time, thankfully telecommuting from home, and I love my job.

Yesterday, however, I found myself feeling off... not really accomplishing anything... wanting to draw instead of working, and not accomplishing much as a result. I was in a very strange headspace.

I did sit down in the evening and draw a tile. I was giving no thought to the overall design, just enjoying the process. I think an art therapist would have a heyday with this tile. To me, it came out showing just how "torn between two worlds" I was. 

Every once in a while, something happens to reiterate to me that there is far more to Zentangle than drawing. It's not that I don't intellectually know that... it's just that it doesn't always "manifest" that way for me. Yesterday, it obviously did. 

Here is the tile I drew:

The tangles are cubine, beelight, nzeppel, crescent moon and paradox. I used a .02 and .08 Pigma Micron, and a Micron Graphic #1. Shaded with a 4B pencil, and blended with a stump.

I wonder if this kind of "insight" happens often for you? It's something I'm going to start to pay more attention to. I'd love to hear your stories about working out answers, or gaining better understanding of your own state of mind, through Zentangle.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Beth (Elizabeth Beveridge on FB)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Diva's Challenge #103: Moebius Syndrome Logo

This Thursday is a special day, set aside to raise awareness of Moebius Syndrome. The Diva (Laura Harms has a very special son, born with this condition.

This week's challenge is to use the Moebius Syndrome logo in some way, within a zentangle.

Another way to raise awareness is to wear purple on Thursday. I know I'll be joining in.. will you?

Here is my first tile for the challenge. Just couldn't resist the glittery gel pens to decorate the purple logo. Unfortunately, it looks kind of flat, and the glitter can't be seen :( .

Hopefully I will have time to do another, perhaps more traditional, zentangle.

Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy your comments and helpful suggestions.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Leaps and Bounds

I had the good fortune to spend last Sunday afternoon with Brenda Lee Shaver Shahin, CZT.

I felt so inspired by her work, and learned lots. She is absolutely wonderful, and so encouraging.

So, this week, while my Mom has been recovering in hospital, she sleeps a lot. Plenty of opportunity to tangle!

I was amazed by what I had the courage to try, after even one lesson with Brenda. All but two of the tangles are new to me (Jonqal and Diva's Dance, I have used before. Other than that, it was full speed ahead with some of the fabulous new tangles Brenda taught me.

I'm so proud of myself, and must admit I'm loving the oooo's and ahhhhh's from my family, who refuse to acknowledge this as an art form, at all.

It is about 8" x 10", and done completely with Sakura Pigma pens, right from .01 to .08, plus the Pigma Graphic #1, to help me with my nemesis... blacking in.

I can't come up with a name for this.. it just hasn't gelled in my mind. If you think of one, please let me know. I'd love to hear it.

I hope you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Til next time, happy tangling!

BethB (Elizabeth Cline Beveridge on FB)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Meaningful Mandalas

I treated myself to a set of Zendala tiles from, and they are beautiful.

I have never tried a mandala before, so Maria's strung mandalas have been a good start for me.

These two Zendalas were developed as avatars, the red is mine, the star is for a friend.

I really enjoyed developing these, and I'm looking forward to more in the future.

If you are intimidated (as I was) by the round, Zendala form, you might find these strung tiles very helpful.

I have four friends, for whom I want to make Mandalas, and these were tries that gave me some confidence. I'm so proud of them!

Happy tangling, everyone.

Diva's Challenge #101 - Phicops

I love the Phicops tangle, by Laura's hubby, Brad. I think it's brilliant. It will go so well with organic, or geometric patterns, and those are the patterns I love!

It took a bit of practice to get this. I will be doodling around with it a lot, because I see so many possibilities. Thanks Brad, for the great new tangle!

For once, I have a tile ready before Saturday midnight. I have another, larger ZIA on the way, as well.

So, here's my first tile. I can hardly wait to see what everybody has done with this one!

Purk gave me some trouble, but I didn't have the heart just to ditch the tile. I like the way the rest of it turned out.

Here, (and it's only Wednesday!!) is my second ZIA for the challenge...

I love visiting around, every week, to as many entries as I possibly can, seeing everyone's blogs and enjoying their interpretation of the theme. I also love reading the comments, and commenting, myself. Please leave a comment. I love the positive and helpful messages I get.

Happy Tangling!

BethB (Elizabeth Beveridge on Facebook)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Hats in my Closet

Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year.

You may find this post to be very different from any I have made before. It's, I suppose, an emotional response to the holidays. They were very difficult for my family this year, as we are on pins and needles after a cancer diagnosis for my Mom.

I haven't shared much of "me", here, other than my art, and some commentary. I'm going to try to be better about doing that this year. It's not that I'm that interesting, only that I've come to enjoy getting to know others through their blogs, and this will probably tell you much more about the heart of me than pages of biographical information.

I see writing as art, painting pictures with words. It's an art I left behind after destroying it for myself by turning it into a job. After almost 20 years of professional editing, which ended badly, my love was lost.

So, yesterday, I was thinking about the art journal I got for Christmas and feeling almost panicky. I got deeper into where that was coming from, and for the first time in many years, put fingers to keyboard, with the express purpose of really writing. Here's what came out.

I think it describes some things we all have in common. It's a little dark in places. I'm not a scary person, honest. I hope you enjoy.


and I don’t like
an imposed date
to contemplate,

To consider again
the potential
of each cap,
Its texture,
style and weight.

Somehow it feels fitting though
at what, to some,
is a fresh beginning
to look at the style
the purpose
the usefulness
do they help, or hinder?

The top two shelves
ignored, for now
they’ve sorted themselves
around and over
life’s inevitabilities
for the most part
we accept each other.

Some shine with love and pleasure
and always my fervent hope,
is that they stay within my reach
to beat back darkness, pain and grief

Some lurk darkly, stalking
threatening to drop
deadly, unwelcome,
from their lofty perch
at their menacing whim,
cruel timing, their own.

I cannot, will not reach for them,
only hope they grow weary, and sleep a while
I’m reasonable
I know they waken, hungry,
landing, feeding
unannounced, unbidden.

Some glow brightly
almost dance
they rest here, at the bottom,
in some strange, rude, reversal,
my happy hats lay waiting,
Much too seldom worn, of late.

These hats I wear when stealing time
from should and must
and “Would you please?”
and sleep is not the least of these.

One hat is smudged and smattered
With ink and paint and glue
Every stain, and smudge of medium,
a mark of a time and space
filled with refreshment and delight.

This hat I love,
so worn and treasured
Holds so many sights and sound
squeals of delighted children
who fearlessly dove in to try,
and projects I adored
Glittering softly with earned grit
of broken hourglass
This hat stalwartly stilled time for me
so I could just relax..

In the solitude it brings,
as it battles clamour back
my pen or brush just move along
to this, or this, or that.
This wandering, meandering trail they leave
creates a piece of a map of me.

Another hat lays way in back
Shamefully, I’m told,
Covered in ribbons of tabloid maché
should I run out of lyrical inspiration
Or forget the flavour
Of an era when I was braver.

Life takes strange
twists and turns
and words became a job.
A deep love, pleasure, sodden
with the slime of corporations
Shackled to subjects of
widgets, gadgets, and pharmaceuticals.

With bitterness,
one heart-wrenching day
I buried this hat
at the back of the shelf,
as it disappeared in shadow,
something inside me died.

Deep breath,
and my Muse smiles soft
as I try it on for size
crackling of brittle maché glue
as it molds itself
to this older, wiser, me.

A little prickly,
it will soften, fitting me
as it did so long ago
it hugs
whispering encouragement.

The terror I feel
will go.

(c)2013 Elizabeth Beveridge
All right reserved.

If you've come this far, thank you for sticking with me.

I hope you follow your bliss in 2013.

Best wishes to all,