Friday, 15 February 2013

Lapis Experiment - Tossed on a Tray

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's day.

Work has been crazy, and some family crises have conspired to keep me away from my art.

This piece is purely experimental. I have become very curious about blending techniques. I spent a lot of time  trying different media... my tombows mostly, and realized I had made a big error. I was on mixed media paper!

The tombows were too wet, and pilled the surface of the paper. So, my next try (all on scrap, not on the finished piece) was to try blending colors of Sakura Gelly Roll Glaze pens. Some of the beads came out very well, to my eye... others, not so much. The medallions, well, an experiment, as I said.

It took me ages, because of the extended drying time of the glaze pens, but that same extended open time allowed for some lovely blending. It's tricky though, because the pens are not their true color until they are completely dry. I was trying for a lapis lazuli look, one of my favorite stones.

I wanted this to look like a broken necklace, tossed on a tray. I didn't leave enough border to give the tray an interesting edge.

Robin was kind enough to take this into Photoshop and brighten it up a little. I think this version looks a bit more dimensional.

This piece taught me a lot... about glaze pens, about paper, about shading... so to me, the results don't much matter. I thought I would post it, so that you could see.

It is approximately 8 x 10. I used all different sizes of Pigma Microns, and a Graphic #1.

The beads are 3 colors of Sakura Gelly Roll glaze pens... and 2 different silvers.

Hope you enjoy! I'm headed to the art store tomorrow for watercolor paper.

Here's to an early Spring!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Best Tombow Blending Video EVER

Thanks to Jan Woodward for posting this amazing tutorial on blending and watercolor techniques with Tombow markers, produced by Tombow Creative Collection. She uses both water, and the blending pen in ways I have never seen before. 

I am making a quick post to include this, hoping that it may be of some help to you too.

There are lots of good tutorials out there. They all have their strengths. This, however shows some techniques I hadn't seen in any of the others. 

I hope it will show you something new, as well!