Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Amazing Slideshow from Diva's Challenge 117: Shway

This is such a great slideshow to give us a concept of how what began as a pretty straight (as an arrow) tangle pattern comes alive with the vision of different artists. The diversity of interpretation shown in this slideshow is absolutely stunning.

Whether you participate in the challenges or not the ideas portrayed here and the sheer beauty of the artistry, make it well worth watching

Great job, everyone.

Thank you, Laura for another great challenge, and thank you Rick for an interesting new tangle!

You can find the slideshow here.


Til next time, tangle happy!


Friday, 17 May 2013

Playing with "Kukes" Diva's Challenge 118 UMT

Hello Everyone,

After way too long, I finally decided I just had to get back to the Diva's Challenge. Time has just not permitted lately, and I have missed the challenges, and all of you, so very much. For those of you unfamiliar with The Diva's Challenge, it is a non-competitive challenge based on a different theme each week. A slideshow is made showing every entry when all is done. You can find this week's challenge HERE .

I fell in love with "Kukes" on sight. I love botanicals, and I could see so much potential. I also love anything "orb" shaped. The story of "Kukes" and the step-outs to help you learn to draw it are HERE . This is Katy Abbott's first published original tangle, and I hope there will be many more.

Although I'm drawing it far from perfectly, it's fun to draw, and I love how it looks when it's done.

I stuck with black, and graphite, this time, but I see so much potential for color with this tangle. I was envisioning this piece in Christmas colors.

I feel it ended up too busy and a littlle visually confusing, but I didn't compose it. It built itself. So I suppose it's precisely its very best self. 

Here is my entry for Diva's Challenge #118: "Kukes".

Diva's Challenge #118: "Kukes"

I can hardly wait to get around and see what everyone has done with this tangle. I always enjoy seeing your work, and I love it when you leave me comments. I look forward to every single one.

Til next time, tangle happy!

Beth (Elizabeth Beveridge on Facebook)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Saturday Strrrrrrrrrrretch

Hello, Everyone!

Well, I've been very neglectful of my blog lately. Since last I wrote, however, I've had some interesting and enjoyable adventures in art. Yesterday's was just so much fun, I had to share the process with you. If you want to try a really interesting diversion from Zentangle, this is fun, and quite a challenge.

I tend to be very tight and controlled in my art work. It's something my CZT, Brenda Shaver, recognized, and we've been working on it.

In an ATC Swap and Travelling Art Journal FB group, a new swap was issued by Penny Stewart, ably assisted by Robin Buys. It was called "All Over Floral" and it went something like this...

Thinking "wallpaper" or 'fabric" place watercolor paint loosely on a large page. After drying, pick out detail with ink. Cut into ATC's and submit them to Penny. She will organize everyone's work, and we will get back as many ATC's (from other people) as we submitted.

OK... so for me, the challenges were:

1. Using watercolors, which I have, but have used very little (scarey!).
2. Placing color loosely on the page (anxiety almost to the point of panic).

I know this probably sounds very silly to many of you. My own reality is that anything new is scary, so I react with fear. I realized how badly the thought of doing this was "pushing my buttons" as I sat trying to convince myself to do the "Nike thing". I became determined to beat the fear, and give this a try. 

I enjoyed it so much, I ended up doing 2 sets. I think I drove Penny and Robin a bit nuts, with questions in private messages, as I worked through. I needed reassurance that I was doing the right thing. Pathetic, right?

So, for the first set, I indicated quite closely the final flower, as I placed my strokes. I kept a degree of control that I was comfortable with. This is the initial paint placement on the first piece:

Floral 1: Paint Placement
This was fun, but very tricky. I had trouble controlling (there's that word again) the balance of moisture in my paper, and consistency of my paint. Once dry, it was time to pick up my faithful Micron .01...

Loosely inked (as instructed)
 I was pretty pleased with this, and felt I had done pretty well with staying loose with the inking, and not getting too detailed with it. Then I cut it into ATC's for the swap. I was thrilled with how each card looked!

Cut into ATC's for the  swap
I had a little left over, so I cut "inchies and twinchies" (one inch and two inch squares) which we sometimes trade, or just enclose as a little extra smile, when we send out ATCs.

Well, I was intrigued after this process and decided to do another set. This time, I decided I wouldn't stroke or shape the flowers in any way, in the first step... just place blobs. With this set, I would rely on my liner, to "identify" the flower. Here are the "steps" of this set.

Paint placed, ready for ink

At this point, I had to decide whether to go to bed, or keep going. My body is telling me I should have chosen sleep! *grins sleepily*.

I really enjoyed figuring out what flower each blob reminded me of, and then "making it so" with ink.

Second set, inked

Although I don't like this piece as well as the first, the exercise of doing it was delightful. I loved the ATC's once they were cut, but would put the elements closer together when (not if), I try this again. Here they are:

Second set, ATC's

This exercise made for a very interesting afternoon and evening (and early morning). I'm told, once you get used to the process, and more comfortable with painting and inking loosely, you can complete this exercise in a couple of hours.

I will be doing this again... any time I feel like a good "stretch". I hope it might inspire you to try something completely different, once in a while. I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Til next time, tangle happy!