Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Twinkling H2O's Sparkle Up Christmas Cards

It's been a very long time, since I made an entry on this poor, neglected blog.

I have recently begun to make my own cards. Something tells me it was a mistake. lol. I'm not allowed to buy them any more.

I wanted to show you how I used Twinkling H20's to make my Christmas cards unique and special.

I knew I wanted Christmas trees for the fronts of the cards, but I didn't just want to cut them out of green paper. I took a large piece of watercolor paper, and soaked it with water, then used various shades of yellow greens, greens and blue greens (with some Emerald Black), to give me nice, rich and varied evergreen colors, then salted the paper to get a webby texture that just gave them that special something. Here is the paper, before cutting.
Painted, salted, and trees outlined
I added a bit of inktense, to areas that had become too faded. I used a template I cut, to place on the paper, trying to put the top of the tree in a lighter area, and hopefully working down into darker shades.
The trees, all cut out.
I was absolutely thrilled with the colors and textures I got. This picture shows the texture, but the trees were actually darker.

I somehow managed to forget to take pictures of the final version, but this was close. It shows you how cute the trees looked, anyway.
 The cards were enjoyed by all who received them. I hope my experiment will encourage you to try something different, as well!

Til next time,